6 Sugar Bags/Sacks -Arbuckle, Sucrest, Revere, Domino+

Six Sugar Sacks/Bags
Vintage Early 20th Century American Companies
All are in very good condition, unused, empty and clean
Arbuckle's 5lb Bag
Arbuckle Bros. New York, NY - Brooklyn Bridge in graphics
back says "Buy cane sugar refined in USA" Jack Frost 5lb Bag
The National Sugar Refining Co. of NJ - 129 Front Street, NY - "Protect Home Industry Buy Can Sugar Refined in USA" -
Back says "our guarantee - Pure Can Sugar Absolutely free from adulteration refined in the United States by American Labor in conformity with federal, state, and municipal Sanitation Laws. Purchasing Jack Frost Sugar will assist in the maintenance of American Standards of living and purity. Hershey's Pure Cane Sugar - 5lb bag
made in Central Hershey, Cuba by Hershey Corporation Hershey, PA Domino Cane Sugar - 5lb
American Refining Company, New York, NY
back has different types of Domino Sugar (tablets, Confectioner's, Brown, Yellow, Syrup) Sucrest - 5lb
Sucrest Corporation, New York, NY Revere Cane Sugar - 10lb Sack
Revere Sugar Refinery, Boston, Massachusetts - member of the NRA