6 Valentine Angels - from Old quilts, handkerchief

Angel Lot #582: 6 Angels Made From Old Vintage Quilts and Handkerchiefs +TAGS


T are so many old, vintage linens and quilts out t that are just not good enough to be used as they were originally intended. Some have holes, rips, stains or are faded and worn in places. Instead of throwing them away as useless, I have cut away the bad parts and used what is good to make these angels and other crafts. And so, a piece of history, full of memories, love, and hard work, lives on for you to enjoy and pass down again to others.

This set of angels was made from old quilts, quilt tops, and handkerchiefs. The angels measure about 9" in length (not including the hanger) and the wingspan is about 5". The wings are made from quilts or quilt tops. The heads and wings have been handstitched around with embroidery floss. T are assorted appliques under their chins, and they all have bows on their heads and necks. The dresses are made from various pieces of handkercheifs. These are full skirts, folded back to the center back. They all have hangers for hanging. The hanger could be taken off easily if you are using these angels for scrapbooking or for making cards.

The best part about these angels is that they come with tags. These are the large size tags! What makes them so special is that
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