My grandmother has moved to a senior living home and I am listing a number of her collectible items to help her pay the bills. This auction is for 6 vintage plastic Coca Cola cartons. In the lot are ...

1) 3 cartons for 16 ounce size Coke, one side says Coke 6 one pint bottles, another says Coca-Cola 6 half quarts, another says Coca-Cola 16 oz. size, and the last says Coke 16 oz. size. They measure 5 ¼" tall (9 ½" including the handle), 8" wide, and 5 ½" deep. One of these has a small chip out of the top edge of the corner, another has a large chip (1"wide and ¼" high) on the side edge of the top and has a crack right beside this place down the handle, and the other appears to be fine.

2) 2 cartons for King Size Coke (not really sure what this is), two sides say Coke King Size and the other two say Coca-Cola King Size. They measure 4 ½" tall (8" including the handle), 7 ½" wide, and 5" deep. These both appear to be in very good condition with no chips or cracks (one does have a small sticky spot like w something was stuck on it).

3) 1 carton for a smaller size Coke, two sides say Coke and the other two say Coca-Cola. This one measures 3 ¾" tall (7 ¾" including the handle), 7 ¼" wide, and 5"deep. This carton appears to be in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

All of these cartons hold 6 bottles
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