60" BROWN Luxury HOOKAH Hose COBRA TIP Silver Braid Fur

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Item Details

Please read all terms before placing a bid or making a purchase. Update your hookah by giving it a luxury hose with the highly sought after COBRA TIP! This handcrafted hose measures approximately 60 inches in length from end to end. Made of brown velvet, it has silver braid trim, genuine fur accents, genuine wood ends, and a lucite cobra tip. At this price, you can have a classy-looking hose for each shisha flavor! This hose is suitable for hookahs measuring 21" to 35" in height.

You are purchasing ONE brown hose.

Beware of Chinese look-alike hookahs being sold as Egyptian hookahs!

Learn the difference between them with our Hookah Comparison Chart .

Authentic Egyptian Hookahs

An authentic Egyptian hookah is a traditional device handcrafted with traditional methods. Please remember that human hands cannot match the precision of machinery! While a machine made hookah looks perfect, it lacks the charm and artistry that the human touch adds. Authentic Egyptian hookahs will meet the expectations of people who appreciate
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