60-Card FOIL Bant Shards of Alara MTG Tournament Deck!

Magic the Gathering: Bant Deck (60 Cards)

Description: This listing is for a 60 card ALL FOIL Bant Deck.
This deck is legal in just about every format including Block, Type 2, Extended etc... and is great for casual play as well.
Every card in the deck is FOIL (including basic lands) and in Mint condition, straight from the packs.

The Deck List:

Creatures (31)
4x Battlegrace Angel (Rare)
4x Rhox Charger
4x Waveskimmer Aven
4x Court Archers
4x Sighted-Caste Sorcerer
4x Deft Duelist
3x Akrasan Squire
2x Dawnray Archer
2x Jhessian Infiltrator

Spells (3)
3x Bant Charm

Enchantments (4)
2x Oblivion Ring
2x Angelic Benediction

Land (22)
4x Bant Panorama
3x Seaside Citadel
5x Island
5x Forest
5x Plains

The Strategy: This creature-infested deck runs a total of 27 cards with the "Exalted" ability, which gives an attacking creature +1/+1 whenever it attacks alone. This ability stacks, once for each "Exalted" card in play. This deck never seems to run out of gas and often attacks with creatures 12/12 or larger! Anyone who's played a Bant deck before knows how much fun this can be.

The idea is to get a creature that's hard to deal with, or hard to block on the board and have it smash your opponent

Last but not least, you have Battlegrace Angel, a creature that not only flies and has Exalted, but also gives your attacking creature Lifelink. This is yet another ability, that makes your deck extremely hard to deal with as you gain 8, 9, 10 life per turn etc...

This deck also packs 3 Bant Charms, and 2 Oblivion Rings, 5 cards which are excellent at dealing with just about any creature, or other annoying permanent attempting to block your path to victory.

Tip #1 Play this deck aggressively, but don't play more creatures than are necessary to acheive board advantage and combat prowess... especially against white. You don't want to over-commit your hand and have everything get wiped away by a Wrath of God, or Damnation etc... Luckily, with 31 creatures, this deck is resilient enough to deal with multiple cards such as these.

Tip #2 Against other creature-heavy decks, save your limited removal spells (Oblivion Ring, Bant Charm) for only the best of the best creatures on your opponent's side. Your Exalted, Flying, Lifelink, Shroud, First Strike, Unblockable army can deal with a rather massive punishment and still come out on top in combat, so let the creatures do the work and only use your spells to break out of a bind, or remove that last pesky blocker as you attack for the win.

Tip #3 With the exception of Jhessian Infiltrator, every creature in the deck has more than one ability, so make sure to use each to your advantage when choosing which creature to attack with each turn... sometimes the largest isn't always the best choice for each situation.

This deck has been thoroughly tested in online form and runs very smoothly, with good land draws, espeically with Bant Panorama and Seaside Citadel. The cards in this deck book quite a bit higher than the asking price in Scrye, especially since they're all mint foils and look awesome! This is a good deck for any level Magic player and is quite fun!

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