600 Mixd Round Point bk Swarovski Vtg Rhinestone Lot Jewelry Repair Brooch Ring

SIZE: Most aprox 2mm 3mm to 5mm, some a bit bigger SHAPE: Rounds TYPE: Swarovski Pointed Back GLASS: Yes COLOR: Mixed colors and lots of different colors CONDITION: unused COUNTRY: Austria PIECES: 600 or more FOILED OR UNFOILED: Foiled both silver and gold HOLE OR NO HOLE: no hole VINTAGE BACK STOCK: approx 1950s

Packed in a jewelry baggie, not original packaging because the packagewas crumbling apart or I didn’t have the original package at the time so some lots I am guessing on the color and may or may not be the exact color match so please use the pictures as your guide.

These vintage stones date back to approx. 1950’s (some lots even older than that) Some lots that I have listed are in excellent condition and some lots may have slight damage, 2 nd ’s foil loss or age wear or maybe even a little rough along the edges, tiny chips that I may have missed etc. sometimes all you need is a soft cloth to buff the tops of them to get them to its original shine. If age wear or foil loss is a problem for you, please email me first with questions before bidding. I do take returns, however you will be responsible for return shipping as I have described these stones to the best of my ability and took nice clear close up pictures with measurements, fronts, backs, sides and a USA copper penny to guide you on the size. I count
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