's a stunningly simple way to show your love!

This ring is a beauty! Clean simple lines show in the tapered shoulders and highly polished white gold. The finely executed details of the Vintage Illusion Head with elegantly carved hearts on the sides make it one of a kind.

THE MOUNTING: The mounting is 14K white gold, stamped both 14K and with the makers mark (appears) V.I.F G III GOLD. The entire ring dates to the 1950's and appears unworn. The shank is in mint condition - size 6 3/4. The sides taper up to a wonderful old Illusion Head. Illusion Heads were once used to make diamonds appear larger than they are: The head is square, increasing in size from the bottom to the top, with a square rim that encompasses the girdle of the stone: This has the added benefit of protecting the stone! The diamond is held in place by four sturdy prongs and is secure in the setting.

The greatest feature of this ring is the fine detailing on the sides: wondeful cut out hearts that are subtle, yet distinctive!

This would be a great ring for anyone who works with their hands, or wears gloves for work!

THE DIAMOND: The diamond is an old Transition cut - this is the cutting style that ws used briefly between the classic European cuts and the Modern Brilliant style. Transition cuts, as the name implies, have characteristics
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