60's 70's Hondo electric guitar project

Sunburst Strat style guitar made by Hondo probably in the 70's

I bought this guitar today as part of a package with another guitar,I have no use for this one and therefore am selling.

The guitar is as I bought it,Uncleaned and untested.

This is a "spares or repair" as it is incomplete, parts missing include;

bridge,trem arm/spring,tuners,nut,truss rod cover, one of the strap buttons and control knobs.

The light areas on the headstock are not chips just grime

I have far too many projects to take this one on as well so hopefully it can be of use to someone else.

Any questions,please feel free to ask and can provide more photos if you like.

Will be sent properly boxed and quickly.

No "buy it now" price.

Just thought I would point out that the area on the top horn is not lacquer damage but glue from a sticker (I have now cleaned it off)