60s Breitling Chronomat 808 Venus 188 Timekeeping Gears

Project: Refurbish the time-keeping running gear of a Breitling Chronograph powered by the Venus 188.

These are original vintage spare parts for pre 1979 Breitling Chronograph Wristwatches.

Suitable for the vintage Breitling Chronograph Collector, Repairer, Restorer and Builder.

These parts are guaranteed to be genuine originals.

They were purchased by me, in the 1980s, from suppliers involved with the liquidation of stock from the original pre 1979 Willy Breitling Company.

Please study the suggested applications before purchase.

We have supplied some vintage pre 1979 Breitling catalogue illustrations to aid identification.

Be aware that no such Wristwatch or illustration is part of this lot.

It is unlikely that these parts will fit any modern Breitling Watch, real or otherwise, manufactured after 1980.

A very fine set of unused Breitling/Venus 200 series Timekeeping Gears for the Venus cal.188 Movement.

These parts date from the 1960s period.

These are the actual Gears fitted by Breitling to the Venus 188 powered Chronomat 808, Cadette (30 min. & 45 Min.), Sprint and Top Time (45-min) Chronographs. This set of Gears is suitable for the 30-minute or 45-minute recording versions of the Venus 188.

The kit consists of :-
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