60's Demian Kawaii Teisco Hound Dog Taylor Japan

Demian guitar from Japan. Pretty high quality for the time for a MIJ guitar. Looks very much like a Kawaii manufactured guitar.Vintage circa early 1960's. Body and neck of mahogany. This guitar has a 27” scale. Almost baritone length. Overall its 41 3/4".

Similar to the guitar used by legendary blues man Hound dog Taylor . This guitar plays quite nicely and is ready to go. Electronics and pickups all in proper working order. Switches are in two banks . Top three are 2 front p/u's on-off and a rhythm-lead .Bottom three switches are the same but for the two back pickups.Tons of tone combinations. I cleaned and retensioned all the switches and pots .Missing the bar to the very Hagstrom like Vibrato .

Cleaned the guitar up a bit . Has a couple changed tuner grommets and gears. Some light tarnish and pitting on the chrome. Nicks and dings all over. Neck is straight .Original bridge with what look like ceramic saddles. Original frets are small .Guitar plays well and intonates nicely the whole length of the neck. Action is at about 1/8” 12 fret.

Really a pretty cool and usable guitar from the early days of the Land of The Rising Sun.

No case.

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