stunning 60s drop leaf table and chairs quality

this is lovely and i would love to keep it but the wife said its got to go ... firstly you have a 60s table which is a drop leaf with a lovely wood grain finish my freinds say its yew wood , when sides are dropped its a real nice usable size when extended you can seat up to 6 , the legs are a centre column branching off 4 fine legs finishing off with 4 lion claw feet in brass with original metal roller wheels underneath . the 4 chairs are a stylish carver type constructed of same wood with cross back brace with linear carvings present showing off the lovely wood colourr the whole item shows a danish look, the cushions are original fabric and in stunning condition ,this is quality as build is very good .... as with old furniture you have to expect marks / fade etc... only issue with this is as shown in pic7 where there is some blistering this is minor and can be sorted by any furniture / french polisher its nothing much but i had to mention it ... all in all a nice item