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DISCRIPTION... This rare and unique trick wood box with instructions measures 2 1/4" tall, and 3 1/4" wide, and 1" inches in depth. It is a small wooden box. At first glance it looks like a wood cube with tight seams on the corners. After a closer inspection you will see the top slides open reveling a small compartment. It is a magic trick box. You put your coin or an object in the box, and with sight of hand. POOF it is gone. It comes with original instruction paper showing how it works, which is also marked MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN. It is new old stock and a great piece of history with No chips, no cracks, no gouges. It is how it left the factory 60 years ago. It is stamped on the bottom in black letters MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN . (see photo) Small but fun piece of history making this a wonderful addition for any collection.



One half of all items produced in Japan after World War II from late 1945 until early 1952 for export to the U.S. and elsew in the world, were required by law to be marked with the words “Occupied Japan”
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