-62- MOVIE MAGAZINES from the 60's; VARIETY OF STAR COVERS; PHOTOPLAY, MOVIE MIRROR; TV RADIO MIRROR, SCREENLAND; MOTION PICTURE; MOVIE STARS AND MANY MORE ; STARS INCLUDE, WARREN BEATY, NATALIE WOOD, CAROL BAKER BARBARA STANWYCK, LUCILLE BALL, MARLO THOMAS, BOBBY DARIN ,SANDRA DEE ,LYNDA JOHNSON, MANY WITH JACKIE KENNEDY, THE LENNON SISTERS, CONNIE STEVENS, DEBBIE REYNOLDS, TONY CURTIS, JANET LEIGH, DOROTHY MALONE, MIA FARROW, DONNA REED, DEAN MARTIN, SONNY & CHER, TELLY SAVALAS, TED KENNEDY, JOHN WAYNE AND many other stars of the 60s... most magazines are from 1964 to 1968 t are a few from as far back as 1960 and at least 3 from the early 70s.. t are only a few that have any pages missing 95 % are complete t are some torn covers, and as i am not the orig. owner i can tell they were not stored for posterity...this was not told in the listing that I bought them from but I will mention- as a whole t is an odor that comes from very old paper, and when stored togeather you can smeal this..the person that I bought them from listed them as very good condition , that is really not the case I would give most good and some fairly good and a few only fair...people tell me I over do flaws in old magazines, but it is only fair to get some Idea what you are buying... I am starting the bid low... good luck and i will try to answer general

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