'62 Nashville Ga coke Elsie Geunie Griner Impala SS ad

2 newspapers

1) August 2, 1962 The Nashville Herald Newspaper Nashville, GA- has a small coca-cola ad in the grocery section. shows a 6 bottle carton for 29 cents plus deposit

2) April 22, 1965 Nashville Herald- has a big 1908 picture of cop Clayton Avera standing in front of his police car.

has car ads- '65 fury, '65 belvedere, '65 valiant, '65 barracuda and a drawn picture of the Plymouth car for the 1965 Indianapolis 55..'65 dodge coronet, '65 dodge polara(all from vickers-martinautos) and a 1965 impala SS coupe(from McLendon chevrolet).

Articles by Elsie & Geunie Griner

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