1/64 corgi scania container truck wilkinsons boxed

this is mint trailer is plastic on this one probably to cut cost as these retailed at 6 pounds the same price as I have listed

ebay changed their rules on fees so now they take 10% fees 10% on postage cost and then paypal take a fee on total which again includes postage which I think is wrong, i found this out the other day when i sold a heavy item for 99p and postage was 5.20 and i added 50p on for packing ebay took 10p from item and 57p post fee and paypal took 43p so 1.10 in total so i actually got 39p and if i had not put 50p on would have got nothing and still owed ebay money, so now they are doing this i will charge at least 80p on top. if you live in uk as u can see postage for uk up to 1 kg will be 3.30, for Europe up to 100g 3.80 and up to 250g 4.30 for the rest of world up to 100g is 4.30 and up to 250g 5.50 that is with 80p post packing included so u can see actual cost plus sometimes if item is thin enough in uk it goes at a cheaper rate, I never check this I just take to post office and then pay the bill if this happens contact me and I will refund the difference. I sent 20 cars to someone from ebay recently and only charged them 3.30 in total, there is no tracking on parcels outside uk as it is too expensive but if u do want this it will be around 5 pounds extra on top of postage.

i have a large collection
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