1/64 Cotton Module Builder Custom Farm Toy Tractor

This is a 1/64th scale scratch built cotton module builder used to compress loose cotton from the field to rectangular bales for transport to the gin. It has over 200 hand cut and glued individual pieces and did take a considerable amount of time to build, paint, and detail. Some of its features include t he tramper that you can position anyw along the top that will also move up and down and the cylinder in the middle of it will move up and down independently from it. The tramper can also be moved and a non-tarped cotton module (included) placed inside. Also the back doors open and it has a hitch to hook up to most 1/64th tractors. The wheels can be moved independently to the building or transport position. The smaller details include the hoses, a gauge, levers, and even the filter on the hydraulic reservoir. The module builder also includes several simulated bundled up tarps shown stored on the sides of the builder that you can take out if you want. The John Deere tractor and 1/64th Operator/Farmer are NOT INCLUDED in this auction, but i f the winning bidder would like a 1/64th farmer/operator that you can place in the seat of the builder or behind some tractors, please contact me. Also please be sure to check out my 1/64th Cotton Module Truck listed in a separate auction. This module builder would look great on your farm layout

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