6464-300 Lionel Rutland (Type II)

Lionel 6464-300 Rutland (Type II)

This extremely valuable car used the same body mold as the Type I car. This was the tooling that was introduced in 1954. It had only three full columns of rivets to the right of the door. To the left of the door, the second rivet column was short, having only five rivets, three at the top and two at the bottom, and the interior of the roof was smooth. In the case of this car, the yellow areas were unpainted plastic with the glossy dark green lower side panels and roof painted on. All yellow single tack board doors were installed. The lettering was rubber-stamped as it was in Type I, however, the Rutland herald had a solid dark green background. This is an extremely rare and valuable car and sadly many forgeries exist.

This car was sent to the TCA Standards Board, who verified that it was original. This car is a beautiful, car and is in mint Condition. Hard to find a Solid

Shield Rutland car in the magnificent condition this car is in.