1:64DCP 32626 "WESTERN DISTRIBUTING" Int.LoneStar. Tandem Axle Reefer.

1/64 DCP WESTERN DIST. Int. LoneStar. Blue With Gold Lettering on Doors. Chromed Bumper, Grille, Air Cleaners, Visor, Mirrors, Stacks, Steps, Fuel Tanks, Pogo Stick, Deck Plate, Wind Deflector and Wheels. Wind Deflector on Top of Sleeper. Painted WTI Fenders. Light Blue Pin Striping. Service Lines. Marker Lights on Bottom of Doors, Sleeper and Back of Sleeper. Trailer is a Utility 3000 Reefer Unit. Blue Sides With a Chromed Boarder. Chromed Top, Back Doors, Air Tank, Breathers on Reefer Unit and Wheels. Back Doors Open. Landing Legs Screw Down. Box Has A Little Shelf Wear.