(65) Casino Monte Carlo 100kr Plaques

For sale: Genuine Casino obsolete plaques from the Casino Monte Carlo of Stockholm, Sweden. Each piece is engraved with a unique serial number.

The Casino Monte Carlo of Stockholm closed more than a dozen years ago. Until then, it was one of Sweden’s oldest and most traditional gaming places with slot machines and casino tables operating since the early 1970’s.

The entire Casino Monte Carlo inventory was removed from play when Cherry Companies took over the gaming operation and converted it to another Cherry Casino venue. The set was forgotten about and sat tucked away in storage for over a decade. It was finally discovered in early 2006 during a cleaning of the warehouse.

The Casino Monte Carlo spared no expense. Their pieces are unusually dramatic for that era and were the highest quality available to any casino worldwide. These pieces were manufactured by the prestigious Bourgogne et Grasset. All contemporary B et G gaming tokens now bear a mint mark as a security feature. Although, the Casino Monte Carlo pieces are not marked, B et G responded to an inquiry confirming that their records showed these were made for the Monte Carlo many years ago before the security feature was initiated.

This set consists of (65) 100kr plaques and (3) wood racks. There were three different shades of the 100kr plaques - light
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