65th Anniversary Export "A" Tins Celebrating The Lass

This listing is for 5 (five) Macdonald Export 'A' Tins celebrating 65 years of the Macdonald Lassie. Each tin measures 3 3/4" x 3 1/4" in size. On the front t is a picture of the Macdonald Lassie with Macdonald Export 'A' written on the front with a seal approx the size of a 25 cent piece stating Celebrating our Lassie around the border and in the center is 65 years. The back of the tin is I assume the Macdonald plaid. Inside the tin on the front is another picture of the Lassie and the following text; AFTER 65 YEARS, THE LASSIE CONTINUES TO SYMBOLISE OUR COMMITMENT TO BRING YOU PREMIUM QUALITY 100% CANADIAN TOBACCO. She has survived the depression, a world war, and political turmoil. Despite the many changes during her lifetime, the 'Macdonald Lassie' remains as one of the most recognized trademarks in marketing history. A true Canadian creation, the original lassie was Betty Annan, a Toronto resident who posed for local artist Rex Woods in the 1930s. After that Betty's smiling face became a familiar sight on cigarette packages, ads and bilboards across the country. Oer 65 years and millions of appearances later the Macdonald Lassie has become an indelible part of a heritage that remains in the hearts and minds of Canadians. The tins are still encased in their protective plastic wrapper. Shipping is by USP Priority Post and
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