66 pc Rogers Sterling Silver NEW SEALED Old Charleston

This sterling silver set of flatware was made in 1951 by the Wm. Rogers Company . The 66 piece set for sale in this auction is 100% NEW . That's right 56 years old, yet still NEW! NO DENTS, NO SCRATCHES . Every piece with the exception of the knives, one Wooden Fork and one Wooden Spoon are Still SEALED in the "ROGERS STERLING PLASTIC" that they were manufactured in back in 1951. I slid one spoon only part of the way out of the plastic for the pics to show Rogers Sterling IS stamp. The knives are still wrapped in the tissue paper that they originally came in along with the "Rogers" seal still around the paper on 4 of them. The wooden fork and spoon set are not wrapped. Manufactured in 1951, this set was purchased by my now 77 year old father in 1951. My mother and father collected this set, piece by piece, and purchased each piece as they "could afford to at the time", to be used after their marriage in 1952. It took my mother and father 2 years to collect all 66 pieces. It turns out that they put everything away for "the right time" but never used them to this day. My dad told me they were just "too good to use"! The set consists of 66 total pieces. It is the "OLD CHARLESTON " pattern. Each piece with the exception of the wooden fork and wooden spoon are factory stamped "Rogers Sterling IS and Old Charleston" on the back part of ... read more