67mm (2.6") Blue LAPIS LAZULI CRYSTAL Sphere Ball Rare

Nature Gem Stone --Spheres Gorgeous! Large Blue LAPIS LAZULI G emstone Sphere (Polished - Rough) --Gem Quality!
-- Size: 67 mm or 2.6 Inches in Diameter; 1 LB 0.8 Ozs! --Nature
--The sphere pictured is the Exact One you will receive --Don't miss this one! This gemstone sphere/ ball is brand new, fabulous look. It is highest quality. Polished. Lapis lazuli sphere would be a great addition to your collections. The sphere pictured is the exact one you will receive.

Lapis lazuli , also known as just lapis , is a stone with one of the longest traditions of being considered a gem, with a history stretching back to 5000BC. Deep blue in color and opaque, this gemstone was highly prized by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, as can be seen by its prominent use in many of the treasures recovered from pharaonic tombs. It is still extremely popular today.

Lapis is a rock and not a mineral because it is made up from various other minerals. To be a true mineral it would have one constituent only. The finest color is intense blue, lightly dusted with small flecks of golden pyrite. There should be no white calcite veins and the pyrite inclusions should be small.

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