T-68 PF-11 $10 Confederate Paper Money

T-68 PF-11 $10.00 CSA Currency. Horses pulling cannon in the center. R.M.T. Hunter to the right. Hand written 2 in 2 Series. Serial number 56740. Plen C .

About Very Fine. Typical cut and color for the grade and type. Probably a PCGS or PMG Very Fine 30.


The T-68 was printed on white paper with a pink to red overprint. The center of the note presents horse-drawn artillery. R.M.T. Hunter, who served as Secretary of State for a brief stint as well as a Confederate Senator, is shown at the lower right. The reverse is simple and blue with the denomination. This note was payable two years after the ratification of a Treaty of Peace between the Confederate States and United States .

This type comes on quality white bank note paper. T-68 is rich with varieties from plate letter mismatches, plate states, and includes two extremely rare inverted backs. There are numerous plate states and slanted plate letters. Most of these are not listed. More study is required.

The T-68 may be found with light red/pink to darker red overprints. Darker red commands a premium. The reverse comes in different shades as well, with dark deep blue being the most desirable to many.

Please see CSA Quotes for more information about grading standards and Confederate Paper Money.

Pierre Fricke. President

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