68 Sears 3 Speed Bicycle Austria Space Age Logo Orig.

This is a very nice original Sears Roebuck 3 Speed Bicycle made in Austria. The Sears 3 speed hub is dated 1968. Sears Hub Model - 503.21 Made in Austria. The hub shifts very nicely. Nice original Sears shifter. The head badge says Sears Roebuck and Company Made in Austria. T is a 60s Space Age logo - SR on the badge that looks like an atom. Very cool badge. 26 x 1 3/8 original Semperit Premium Tires made in Austria. I have not seen tires from the 60s this nice. They have lots of tread and are not cracked. They are holding air fine. I think the tubes are original too. The paint is very nice on this bicycle. T are some scratches but not bad at all. The gold pin-striping is strong. The graphics are strong. Everything on this bicycycle is original and in nice condition, from the sears shifter to the rear reflector, and the white hand grips. I cleaned this bicycle, greased the bearings and tuned the shifter and brakes. I put on some NOS black weinmann brake pads that are in keeping with the era of the bicycle. I took it for a ride and it rides almost like new. Most of the chrome is good. T is some pitting on the rims and the bars. It does look bad though. I could see a college professor riding this bike around campus. You can take it out of the box and ride it. I enjoyed riding it. If you are familiar with the late Sheldon Brown's website, ... read more