69 68 AMX 1/25 AMT Original Vintage complete untouched kit Excellent

I have been saving this kit for a long,long time. I struggle now to let it go. It is one of the best examples of AMT Corp craftsmanship and attention to detail. The company has had its high and low points, but every once in a while, they hit it out of the ball park as they did with the AMX model! The 1970 which I just listed and, the 68/69 which I am offering for the first time here. I say this not because it is one of my favorite cars since its introduction in '68, and not because I have had 3 of them (real ones). In fact, I still have a gold 343 4-speed in my garage now. I have built a lot of models over time and this AMT version just seems to have an edge over the Jo-Han kit. I dont know if is the plastic, or how its made, or what, but this (AMT) is really sweet. You guys who know this particular model and remember it must have gotten the same impression from it as I have. I dont want to debate any of these issues, but I'm sure you AMC guys have a spot in their heart for this wonderful little 2 seat rocket.
About the model here: I have had it at least 40 years and have resisted the temptation all that time to test fit and drool over and ....build, but I did resist. Almost ALL the parts are still on the trees and any thing not still connected has fallen of either when it was packed and shipped from the factory or, when I took
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