69 DVD Dr Doctor Who Collection - Classic and New Series - Excellent Condition

I am selling off my Doctor Who DVDs, almost all in excellent condition with original booklets (there are a few slight marks and the tray to hold the DVD in one of the 2 DVD sets is loose but generally extremely good). The edges of the boxes for the box-sets are a little damaged (this can be seen in picture).
Classic Series
An Unearthly Child [The Beginning Box Set] (Hartnell) The Edge of Destruction [The Beginning Box Set] The Deleks [The Beginning Box Set] The Mind Robber (Troughton) Caravel of Monsters (Pertwee)
Spearhead from Space
Robot (T Baker)
The Ark in Space The Santarian Experiment Genesis of the Daleks - 2 DVDs Planet of Evil Pyramids of Mars The Brain of Morbius The Hand of Fear The Robots of Death The Deadly Assassin The Talons of Weng-Chiang Image of the Fendahl Horror of Fang Rock
The Invasion of Time - New and unopened - 2 DVDs
Destiny of the Daleks City of Death The Leisure Hive Full Circle [E-Space Trilogy Box Set]
State of Decay [E-Space Trilogy Box Set] Warriors' Gate [E-Space Trilogy Box Set] Keeper of Tracken [New Beginnings Box Set] Logopolis [New Beginnings Box Set] Castrovalva [New Beginnings Box Set] (Davison) Time-Flight [Time Flight/Ark of Infinity Box Set] Arc of Infinity Time Flight/Ark of Infinity Box Set The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary edition (Surround Sound)
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