69 Schwinn Cotton Picker Stingray Krate Bicycle 5Speed

I am relisting this because the final bidder in my previous auction used someone's eBay account witout autorization. eBay wiped out the auction and I have to list it again. My thanks to the first group of bidders. I hope the crook gets prosecuted.This is a January 1969 Schwinn Cotton Picker. It is not a reproduction. Serial number ME46 It was repainted and fixed up a bit quite some time ago. It was traded in to an old Schwinn dealership in w it had been stored in the attic probably 20 years ago. I bought it out of the attic recently. I believe the seat is an original with a long tab to hold the reflector. It is clean and not torn Seat shocks Center stamped double knurled rear S2 wheel with Schwinn Sting-Ray Gripper Slick. 20 x 2.125 S7 front wheel with 16 x 1 3/4 tire that says To Fit Schwinn S7 Tubular Correct Schwinn Approved derailleur Sch winn Approved 5 Speed free wheel Made in France - probably an Atom Atom Drum Brake Schwinn Stick Shift with compensator. Nice springer with a long bolt to hold the front fender. Large cap bow pedals. I think it takes small cap bow pedals. Nice medium grey cable housings Crank dated 68 and bars dated 72 Pretty decent chrome which will clean up more. I did nothing to it. Good fenders I would get the frame painted and get the decals or screening done. Shipping to the west coast is $55.It will be ... read more