7 7/8" Wheatley Vase Green Signed WP

Up for Auction One Wheatley Vase main color is green with some black in the glaze. The vase is almost 8 inches tall and about 15 inches around at its widest points
The vase is beautifully decorated with Two Flowers complete with blooms stems and leaves. The decorations are highly detailed and are raised from the vase.
The Blossoms look applied but could be just skillfully tooled.I could not quite capture the 3d effect of the decorations. They are more pronounced than even the shoulders of the vase are at points.
After doing some research a friend and i found that Wheatley pottery is Skillfully molded pottery not hand Thrown.It is often mistaken as Grueby.
The piece is marked on the bottom WP with P connected to W. The Vase has a Thick glaze. It also has some Glaze misses, allowing the bright yellow underglaze to show.
This piece has several glaze missess which i at first thought were chips, but are unmistakable glaze misses. I tried to take enough pictures to show all of the vase.
The vase does not have any cracks or fractures that i could find and rings true. T is some areas of paint transfer on the vase but they are easily removed and are very small.
The piece does have some crazing which adds to its appeal. I merely wiped the piece down. I will leave the major cleaning to the new owner. The pictures
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