7/8" Unlisted Woodrow Wilson celluloid pinback button

Very unusual Woodrow Wilson name button measuring 7/8" in diameter with a name that I'm not familier with at all. This pinback button is not listed in Hake and I have no idea who this person Watson is all about. I think that it may be a coattail button but w he is from beats me. If any Wilson collector knows anything about Watson I would appreciate an e-mail informing me. My second photo in my listing is the backside of this button. As you can see the manufactures paper is intact and made by Whitehead and Hoag. As you can see from my pictures the pin is in excellent condition. I have two of these pins and another pin that reads Wilson and Watson will win the War.

I will ship this button to the winning bidder in a Bubble Wrap Mailer. Insurance is optional.