7 Antique LS&S Limoges Tea Cup & Saucer Handpainted

We are proud to offer these 7 Antique Limoges Tea Cup & Saucers. LS&S, Limoges , France. The backs have the green hallmark which was used in the turn of the century. They are all in EXCELLENT condition without chips, cracks, crazing, stains, repairs, cut marks. I DO NOT see any gold wear to the heavy gold gilt which is truly amazing considering they are OVER a hundred years old. Nicely done with elegant gold work to the raised embossed designs. They Cups are are approx. 2 1/4" in height & the width is also approx. 2 1/4" ...the saucers is approx 4 1/2 inches from end to end.

i also have ......please note........ on the VERY last picture... t are an additional 2 cups.. each slightly damaged

& 3 saucers in Great condition ! these are NOT included in the set of 7 Set ...

In 1768, Macquer who was a chemist for the Sèvres porcelain manufacture discovered in Limoges a kind of white clay called "kaolin". In 1840, when David Haviland arrived in Limoges, t were already 18 porcelain factories. In 1842, the American merchant founded his own manufacture. In 1880, he was awarded in the International Exhibition. At this time, Limoges was the most appreciated porcelain factory in Europe and in America. Theodore Haviland, son of David, launched in 1890 a new factory.
Limoges style was successively
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