7 Different 1960's MOUNTAIN DEW Bottles With NAMES NR!

This is s 5 DAY auction!


This auction is for 7 different ca. early-mid 1960's Mountain Dew bottles with names , 6 of which retain original contents. Specifically included are bottles marked "bottled by..." Dick and Peel, Hayes and Don, Seymour and Willard, Zeke and Daisy Dew, Al and Irene, Zeke and Rosie Bell, and Gil and Bonnie.

As to condition: As stated above, 6 of these bottles retain the original product. The seventh (Seymour and Willard) was also a full bottle, but lost contents through a pinhole in the cap. All of the caps have rust, as the farmer who had these kept them in an out-building that was obviously prone to high humidity. All of the bottles do have case wear on the collars at top and bottom, with a scattered minor scrape or rub and t However, the applied color labels are all excellent with full, almost completely unmarred print, save for perhaps a pinhead sized scrape on one or two of the bottles. A nice little collection of Mountain Dew bottles with typical case wear but excellent graphics.

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Winning bidder pays $12.00 for securely packaged shipping and handling to destinations within in the U.S.

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