SALE---This is a New (One Of A Kind) MARDI GRAS MISCHIEF 7 inch Doll by the renowned artist Connie Born.
Louisiana artist, Connie Born, artfully captures the spirit of Louisana in her fun and exciting creations. MisChief creations are handcrafted of carefully selected fabrics and topped off with fanciful hair. They are dressed in skirts and necklaces made of Mardi Gras beads. Skirts, necklaces and head dress bands are all handcrafted from original patterns designed by the artist using straight lines of beads. Each creation is given a unique personality by the buttons that make up their faces. Tiny voodoo dolls, chilli peppers, crawfish, alligators, hot sauce bottles and other symbols indicative of the area are used as accent pieces. Each one-of-a-kind creation represents Louisiana's richly diverse and fascinating culture. Each creation is signed and dated by the artist.