7 oz SS Coca Cola PALATKA FLA COKE Florida Soda Bottle

This is an early ABM Coca~Cola soda bottle from the small town of Palatka,Florida. It was manufactured by the first automatic bottle machine between 1909 & 1914.

It's the scarcer 7 ounce bottle that has totally different embossing than the other variant.Even the letters of the shoulder embossing are a bit different. The base has Coca~Cola embossed in the middle with 7 oz. beneath & a dot above.

I must say that this is the crudest straight sided bottle that I have ever seen,blown or machine made. The glass is full of wave from the different thicknesses of glass,t are several nice size bubbles and t are lines on the glass.

It is a very clean bottle with no caseware,two flashes I have shown in the pics..One near the top and one in the middle. The small round spot toward the bottom is a skin deep manufacturing flaw or very light ping. It displays excellent and has no chips,cracks,etc.

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