7 UP painting by EsQui, retro soda pop kitsch, 7-Up


Title: 7-Up Series: JameS Spicer's Mental Entourage

Medium: acrylic and mixed-media painting on canvas

Series Category: The EsQui Collection Size: 9 "x 12" on stretcher bars Style: Pop Art Artist: EsQui Framing: No framing needed

Hi Everyone!

What could be more refreshing than a cold bottle of this classic beverage. Not only is it great on a hot day, but also when you're home with an upset stomach or cold. I always thought it was weird that it actually can make you feel better. Grab the bottle top opener and kick back with your "7 UP" by EsQui. And if you're thinking of giving this as a special Valentine's day gift for a friend or loved one, rest assured it will arrive on time for that special day! And speaking of love, the new stuff is finally for a new year and a new series! For those of you that have been following EsQui's Friday13 Series, after 80 weeks the run is complete. JameS Spicer has now chosen to release most of his work under his real name for the Mental Entourage series, while his EsQui moniker will continue to be signed on select pieces for you fans and collectors out t Our next in-person gallery event and exhibit will be held on March 3, 2007, so stop by and visit us
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