7 Vintage JACK KNIVES Camillus Colonial Imperial Miller

Nice looking group of vintage jack knives in original as found and uncleaned condition..knives are all in good shape with normal light wear to blades,all intact and complete (except for 1)..Group includes:pearl handled Imperial 2 blade,Stag handle Camillus 3 blade,Stag handle fish knife Colonial 2 blade-Soligen Bonsa German 4 blade utility,Stag handle Miller Bros 2 blade,1 broken off and remaing with rust,marbelized handle 1 blade marked USA and Stag handle Sabre,Japan knife 3 blade.....these are 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" in length,look and display nicely and are guaranteed old and authentic.....shipping is via USPS for 5.95 in US...extra overseas....,