1/700 Fiat CR.42 Falco Regia Aeronautica Fighter - (9X) 3D Printed - Incredible!

NO RESERVE. We're offering here a beautifully detailed set of nine 1/700 scale Fiat CR.42 Falco fighters that have just come out of the 3D printer! The CR.42 was one of the last biplane designs to be employed in combat and the most important Italian fighter of the Second World War. It served with distinction and was popular with its pilots because of its outstanding maneuverability and surprising durability.
The Falco was offered as a 1/700 resin cast model by White Ensign but it hasn't been readily available for quite some time. Unfortunately, production of relatively esoteric aircraft like the CR.42 (particularly in 1/700 scale!) are just too costly given the relatively small size of the audience. We think that these beauties easily rival (and probably exceed) the quality of the WEM product but we've posted some high resolution photos so you can judge for yourself. Note that the yellow 1" squares used for scale reference (the Falco's are tiny !). The designer has included the wing struts which, due to process limitations, are oversized in this scale but does little to diminish the overall effect. Check out the beautifully formed wheel assemblies complete with nicely proportioned wheel spats.
While the surfaces are not perfectly smooth (3D printing is done in layers), the plastic used can be sanded and painted much the
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