1:700 IJN NISSHIN 1904-1942 (1904 FIT) Waterline Resin by Modelkrak

IJN NISSHIN 1904 - 1942

Nisshin was a Kasuga-class armored cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy designed and built in Italy. Nisshin had a sister ship, Kasuga.

Still not fully completed in January 1904, Nisshin and Kasuga sailed, from Genoa to Japan under the command of British captains with combined British, Italian and Arab crews. Both captains had their Royal Navy commissions temporarily withdrawn in order to avoid a diplomatic incident should the ships come into conflict with Russian forces. During the voyage, the Imperial Russian Navy shadowed the two vessels with the intention of sinking them as soon as the conflict started, however, the Royal Navy cruiser HMS King Alfred also shadowed the Japanese ships. On their arrival in Japan, the officers and men of both ships were welcomed as heroes in Japan, and their British captains had the honour of an interview with Emperor Meiji.

She subsequently took an active part in the Russo-Japanese War.

She had a limited role during WW1.

In 1921 she was partially disarmed in accordance with the Washington Naval Treaty and was reclassified as a Coastal Defense Vessel. From 1927 she was used as a training vessel for officer cadets until being decommissioned in April 1 1935. Renamed Hai-Kan No.6, her hulk was sunk as a target ship during live fire
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