700 MTG Tokens Lot Magic: The Gathering Cards Collection

700 Magic: The Gathering Tokens

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700 Magic: The Gathering Tokens Repack

Tokens, Emblems, Counters, Etc! Out of Print & New Cards Near Mint/Mint Condition Great Variety

700 MTG Token Cards: This lot will include a selection of 700 random tokens and equivalent cards such as emblems, poison counters, check lists, and etc from Magic: The Gathering boosters starting with 10th edition. There will be NO tip cards! At least 90% of the cards will be in near mint/mint condition. The vast majority are most likely new straight from the pack, but some may not be. There will be a good variety of different sets and token types. Due to the size of the lot you will most likely receive several copies of many different cards.

These repacks are a great way to expand a collection and they make a great gift! Every token repack is shipped USPS priority mail so you get your cards fast. Check out the picture to see a previously sold lot of the same type! Your lot might contain cards from the picture, but the photo is not of the specific cards in this auction. Finally, be sure to check out my eBay store for great MTG singles!

Please check my feedback and bid with extreme confidence! Magic Universe has specialized in selling Magic: The Gathering
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