This is a Lionel Prewar 5344 New York Central Full Scale Hudson from 1937. Unique to a 1937 is that all of the handrails stanchions are blackened brass both on the engine and tender. The Ornamental bell bracket is riveted to the body with a brass rivet. Lionel changed the ornamental bell bracket to a screw in 1938. The rear windows are slightly recessed inward and not as thick. You don't want to pick up a 1937 700E with your fingers by the window struts or they can break. This was one year only 1937. The rear windows are simulated to look like they would slide forward. The 1937 is the most detailed Hudson of all time. There is no warping to the engine or tender body. Draw bar chains and pins are blackened brass including the front link chain on front coupler. All the black paint on engine and tender were tested for lead content (which only Prewar engines and tenders had). This is how you can tell that it is original paint. We used a drop of lead detection on the boiler front, boiler, tender body and tender frame all tested positive for lead. The lettering on the engine and tender are rubber stamped in silver and are fantastic. All the screws that hold the wheels on the tender trucks are brass and blackened. As you can see from the photos. Booster truck wheel screws are also brass and blackened. The larger screws that hold the booster ... read more