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This is an original 700K 5344 J1-E Hudson from 1940-41. It is all original with its factory gray paint. It is only assembled. All the gray paint tested positive for lead. All the prewar Hudsons had lead in the paint. This is a high end collectors piece it is in LN condition not mint but close to it. It has been run a little but there are virtually no paint chips on the engine or tender. It was in a collection prior to us receiving it for more than thirty years stored in a glass case. It is a third casting. The third castings went from late 1939-41. (After the first castings Lionel knew they had to purify the metal. These third castings were the best of all the castings.) The 700K allowed someone to buy the Hudson cheaper and Lionel provided a black bottle of paint for hand application. Most of these engines were painted black which reduced their value significantly. All the hand applied detailing that was not supposed to be painted was just installed on the engine. The engine has been serviced and runs very good both in forward, neutral and reverse. Whistle works nice mellow sound like all prewar Hudsons had. Nothing broken, missing or replaced. No warpage, no crazing (bubbling) either in the engine or the tender. It is absolutely straight
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