700x60 Refractor Astronomical Telescope. 28 -315x power

700x60 Refractor Astronomical Telescope

This telescope is featured with high image resolution, easy operation, solid structure, and beautiful overall appearance. It is regarded as the best choice for astronomy amateurs and for experienced users. This telescope can also be used as a spotting scope to view subjects on earth.

Telescope Type: Refractor

Objective Lens Diameter: 60mm

Focal Length: 700mm

Eyepieces (2 eyepieces with standard 1.25” fitting): K10mm: (70x); K25mm: (28x)

Barlow Lens: magnification 3x

Erecting Eyepiece (for terrestrial observations): 1.5x

Finder Scope: magnification 5x; Field of view: 5°42”

Magnification range 1: (without Barlow lens and erecting eyepiece) : 70x, 28x

Magnification range 2: (with 3x Barlow Lens ): 210x, 84x (Note: Magnification is arrived at by dividing the focal length of telescope (700mm) by the focal length of eyepiece).

Magnification range 3: (with 3x Barlow Lens and 1.5x erecting eyepiece): 315x, 126x

Resolution: 4.62”

Observation Class: 10.3 (Note: This is the level of astronomical observation that the telescope can achieve according to the distance, size and brightness of the astronomical objects. For example, Saturn belongs to this class).

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