70mm IMAX film footage Lord Of The Rings? Harry Potter?

is a nice reel of 70mm IMAX film footage. This is an actual reel of 70mm IMAX film footage. I don't know exactly what film this IMAX film footage is from, since I am not a big fan of the newer Fantasy/Magic films and I have never seen any of them. This IMAX film footage could be from any of the newer Fantasy/Magic films that have been released in the IMAX format in the last 6 years. T is no title or writing on this 70mm IMAX film footage, so it is very hard for me to tell what film this is from. Maybe some of you Fantasy/Magic buffs can determine what film this IMAX film footage is from- by closely examining the digital pictures of the actual IMAX film images above.
The IMAX film footage on this reel is around 1500' to 1600' in length and it is in very good condition. I rewound this IMAX film footage on my rewind bench and it had NO splices in it. NO film frames have been removed from this reel of IMAX film footage. This 70mm IMAX film footage would be an excellent collectible for serious Fantasy/Magic film buffs, or it would provide superb quality IMAX film frames for a collector of film frames of the newer Fantasy/Magic films. T is no soundtrack printed on this IMAX film footage.
The colors and sharpness of this IMAX film footage is superb- far better that my poor digital pictures below. I was unable to capture a sharp

This IMAX film is mounted on a 22" diameter 70mm sheet aluminum reel made by Hollywood Film Company. This 70mm film reel has some scratches and dings and it is not perfectly straight. This 70mm reel does have some normal wear- since this 70mm film reel was used in a several 70mm film theatres for a number of years. This IMAX film footage is printed on Polyester film stock- which will never develop the vinegar problems which can develop with acetate film stock. The colors are fantastic on this footage and they will probably stay that way since they are printed on low fade LPP film stock. This film footage has NO vinegar smell and no warping.

This reel of 70mm IMAX film is somewhat heavy, it weighs about 28 pounds when packed up in the shipping box. Ground postage in the Continental USA will be about $12.91 - by US Mail- 4th class media rate. Please email me for the much higher International shipping costs. As of May 14th, 2008- the US Post office will no longer ship any International packages by economy surface mail. All International packages shipped by the US Post office will have to be shipped by Airmail Parcel post.

For International eBay bidders, - if desired- I can remove this IMAX film from the 70mm reel and ship the IMAX film on a 70mm film core. This 70mm IMAX film on a core will then fit into a US Post Office Standard Flat Rate Priority International Mail medium shipping box which can be shipped to most International destinations for $43.45

I will have to declare the actual auction ending value on any International customs forms.

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