70's Vintage Hot Wheels Sizzlers Redlines Lot # G ChopCycles RUNS ! AWESOME !

I am selling off my Husbands Hot Wheels Sizzlers Redlines collection as he passed away and I would love to see these go to people who care and know about these cars as he was passionate for these cars and also I'm on a fixed income so obviously the funds help me as well . Every car in his collection are from 1969 to 1978(unless otherwise stated) and was refurbished to running order,new battery etc professionally (unless otherwise stated) and looking good (unless otherwise stated). I'm just going shelf by shelf in no certain order. See the pictures and feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer any concerns etc. Also I pay the Ebay fees, Paypal fees and shipping fees so please make "reasonable offers ".

I have begun listing many items such as vintage sealed up track sets,cars in boxes and 2000 - 4000 or more at least of loose and boxed cars on shelves and while a former Mattel designer has first pick on employee items and vintage prototypes as promised , I will still be listing rare items,new motors,numbered signed items and much more.I am in discussion with a couple of people on values for some of this stuff.I will soon be listing these rarer items along with some regular loose car lots and customs built by my late Husband as well.The loose Vintage Sizzlers are winding down so a lot of boxed stuff is coming
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