Hi! This is my 1971 MOVIN' GROOVIN' VELVET (AFRICAN-AMERICAN VERSION) DOLL Auction. 1971 MOVIN' GROOVIN' VELVET DOLL, African-American version is Mint - purchased back in the summer of 1972 and then stored away for approximately 41 years - taken out of box for auction pictures and to see what accessories were in the box; the long plastic slot shown in Picture 7 & 11) was on Velvet's ponytail and slid off all by itself - I tried but wasn't successful in putting it back; Velvet's ponytail slides in but I'm not sure about yanking it back out - I was never good at that and after one try I didn't want to make matters worse so I don't know if it works - you are buying AS IS; original plastic wrap still on her face/head; all original outfit, bottom snap on dress won't go back in; a couple of threads on underlayer of dress; body looks good - no one played with her - but she has been stored away for 41 years so please keep that in mind before bidding. 1971 MOVIN' GROOVIN' VELVET ACCESSORIES FOUND IN BOX: (a) green brush still in original plastic enclosure; (b) Velvet booklet; & (c) a purple ribbon/bow with a bobby pin that was at the bottom of the box without any wrapping (see Pictures 9 & 10 for both sides of ribbon/bow). 1971 MOVIN' GROOVIN' VELVET'S BOX: near-mint; two price tags on back of box (see Picture 2); overall

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