1/72 20mm Roman Late Imperial Legionary Heavy Infantry 4th Century Empire


Labelled as Late Heavy Infantry, these fourth century soldiers are the legionaries who still protected the frequently discordant empire from both external pressures and internal strife. The army looked very different from the military machine of two centuries earlier, but until recently this interesting period had received virtually no coverage from figure manufacturers. Happily that is now changing, and this set represents the first of at least three sets of late Roman infantry that this company intends to produce.
By the fourth century virtually all the most recognisable symbols of the Roman army had changed. The men, or at least the armoured heavy infantry, wore mail over a tunic and trousers and closed boots. Their helmet was the two-piece Romano-Sassanian or intercisa type and their shield was a large circular or oval shape and slightly concave. They carried spears, javelins and a longer sword called a spatha, and in some cases a number of weighted darts called plumbatae or mattiobarbuli stowed inside their shield. The figures in this set are an accurate reflection of those men, even down to the darts inside the shield. Most soldiers would not have had a crest on their helmet, but HaT have deliberately added one to every figure here so you may choose to retain or trim this off as desired (officers and
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