1/72 PROP&JET resin WW-II DB-021 turboprop conversion 2

This is an extremely rare, less than fifty (50) examples are ever made, 1/72 resin kit of the PROP & JET (P&J), kit #72810, for the German WW-II DB-021 turboprop engine that was projected to be used on a number of Luftwaffe a/c if the war had continued into 1946. This is an excellent kit for a very special and unique looking “what-if” project. This kit contains two (2) complete pods and the individual associated blades.

Some of the a/c projected to use this engine were the Ar-234 TLS , Bf-109 TLS (would have become a variant of the Bv-155), Me-262 TLS and Heinkel Wespe .

Musa Zekoreev of P&J is considered one of the true masters coming out of the Ukraine . His models are equal to or surpass those of CZECHMASTERS, FINE MOLDS, PAVLA or NEOMEGA; really stunning work.


Starting in 1936, Junkers started a jet engine development project under the direction of Wagner and Müller, who worked on axial compressor designs. By 1940 they had progressed to the point of having a semi-working prototype, which could not run under its own power and required an external supply of compressed air.

Meanwhile, Hans Mauch, in charge of engine development at the RLM , decided that all engine development should take place at existing engine companies. In keeping with this new policy, he forced
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