Colorful and unique 172 scale SOVIET I-16 monoplane fighter plane floating on its beautiful IN-FLIGHT cast iron base. OK so the plane gently floats way out in front of the heavier base making it look like it's really in flight. Walking by the model or gently blowing at it or nudging makes the miniature bob and weave in the air with such uncanny realism that its mesmerizing! The plane is obviously amateur built with sketchy paintwork and aging decals but I love the tubby little fuselage and rocket pods. The suspension wire is remove-able from the base and also allows the model to swivel plus the brass tube mounting in the model accommodates a friction fitting so you can pull the wire out and put it back in at any angle to pose the plane in a turn or flying upside down! The base is 4 inches in diameter and will not topple over under even the roughest handling. I think this is a stunning little model even though it is not professional, the dynamic base just makes the model "POP" and looks fantastic on the desk or anywhere the plane can stick out over an edge up high and defy gravity! I have the MIG-15 I picked out of the collection that sits atop my desktop PC with its nose headed skyward over my head and it gently moves around as the ceiling fan circulates air.. very fun to watch! This is a great way to view your favorite plane

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