72 Tamiya New 100ml Spray Paints PS & TS Polycarbonate & Acrylic 4 Vintage etc

72 Tamiya New and Sealed 100ml Spray Paints PS & TS (Polycarbonate & Acrylic)

47 cans are Polycarbonate PS and 25 cans are Acrylic TS

These Paints cost between £5-£6 (the 4 anodised ones cost £10 each)

So this lot could be worth between £380-£450

The paints are-

PS-2 Red x1

PS-7 Orange x1

PS-9 Green x1

PS-10 Purple x4

PS-14 Copper x1

PS-15 Metallic Red x4

PS-17 Metallic Green x1

PS-18 Metallic Purple x1

PS-20 Fluorescent Red x2

PS-21 Park Green x2

PS-22 Racing Green x2

PS-24 Fluorescent Orange x2

PS-25 Bright Green x2

PS-27 Fluorescent Yellow x2

PS-29 Fluorescent Pink x4

PS-33 Cherry Red x1

PS-35 Blue Violet x1

PS-36 Translucent Silver x3

PS-37 Translucent Red x1

PS-38 Translucent Blue x1

PS-39 Translucent Light Blue x1

PS-40 Translucent Pink x1

PS-43 Translucent Orange x2

PS-44 Translucent Green x1

PS-45 Translucent Purple x1

PS-50 Sparkling Pink Anodized Aluminium x2

PS-51 Purple Anodized Aluminium x2

TS-2 Dark Green x4

TS-4 German Grey x2

TS-9 British Green x2

TS-28 Olive Drab 2 x1

TS-32 Haze Grey x2

TS-46 Light Sand x1

TS-61 Nato Green x4

TS-62 Nato
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