727-5a/3e 3c Proclamation, Newburgh NY 4/19/33, S, GILL

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The Two additional Scans depicting (1) The Unfinished Benjamin West Painting of the Exchange of the Ratified Treaty of Paris on May 12, 1784; and (2) the Jonathan Hasbrouck House in Newburgh NY used as Washington's HQ at the time of the Peace Proclamation on April 19, 1783, are furnished as EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND ONLY AND ARE NOT INCLUDED in the Sale of the Offered Item. Digital images of these and related subjects can be downloaded from the following websites, accessed 2/22/13:

/wiki/Treaty_of_Paris_(1783) (Scan #1), and http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/colonials-patriots/sitec35.htm (Scan #2).

DESCRIPTION OF OFFERED ITEM: Scott #727-5 a/3e 3c Peace Proclamation Sesquicentennial, FDC Single, postmarked Newburgh NY 4/19/33, on a JOHN E. GILL Cachet, Blue & Yellow in Color with Superimposed Shield Picture, Mellone-Planty #727-5a/3e, Mellone, Planty Vol. V , 1995, p. 38, Typewriter-Addressed to Mr. Garritt C. Van Dyk of Passaic NJ.

CONDITION AND VALUATION ISSUES: The flap is shut, and is slit open neatly at left.

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