75 D.A.S. JOKER JUBILEE. Mint- Swirl Marbles. 5-18-2014

Here are 75 D.A.S. JOKER JUBILEE Mint- Swirl Marbles. Ranging in size between 11/16" & 23/32". Produced at Dave's Appalachian Swirls. Pennsboro, West Virginia. May 18, 2014. The Jubilee name was chosen because this run marks the 6th anniversary of the Joker I run produced May 18, 2008. The Joker team is pleased to present this outstanding run featuring innovative, multi-color gems. The Joker team thanks David McCullough, Richard McKnight, and award winning artist Frank Homitz for this outstanding run. Winning bidder sends payment for bid + $5.95 USPS Priority shipping fee via PayPal. Thanks for looking